Rent To Buy

Our award-winning Rent to Buy scheme allows first-time buyers the opportunity to use rental payments as a method to save for a deposit against one of our beautiful homes!

A generation of young people and young families are being locked out of the housing market without a hope of ever sharing in the asset wealth of the generation before them. We’ve started our Rent To Buy scheme to set people free from a lifetime of renting. Saving for a deposit to buy a property, and earning enough to qualify for a mortgage, are the major obstacles that prevent people from owning their own home. Our Rent To Buy initiative overcomes the major obstacles.

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What Our Clients Say:

With how long it would take to save deposit in this current economy, whilst trying to keep up with your living costs, it’s the best way for most people (especially private tenants) to get on the property ladder without having to change one’s life completely just to save for deposit.

This rent to buy scheme has genuinely helped me get onto the property ladder. I’ve compared it with the governments scheme and this is so much better, 100% of the rent goes towards the deposit, not just a small part like the others. It’s like saving £1,000 every month and living somewhere free. If it wasn’t for this scheme it would have taken me a very long time to save up enough of a deposit. The fact that the purchase price is fixed now also gives me piece of mind.

It really helps the first-time buyer and I think it’s the best deal ever. I would definitely recommend it straight away to one of my friend, because same situation, we cannot afford the deposit, so this really can help us to save the deposit in 2-3 year’s.

Good communication from the start. The process of securing the flat was explained clearly from the onset. A good alternative to saving for a deposit. You get a sense of ownership right from the start and have a longer period in time in which to position yourself for house ownership.

Helps you save by getting the rents refunded when you are ready to buy the property. Offers a chance to buy at today’s price knowing that the prices may well increase over the next two to three years. Easy application process and friendly service

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